Before Manu Ginobili’s induction into the Hall of Fame: “There’s no greater recognition than this.”

Uncasville, Connecticut (Special Messenger). The most anticipated weekend in all Argentine sports has arrived. Manu Ginobili He will be the protagonist of the historical event of the country: Bahinsey will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame on Saturday, December 10. But before the ceremony in Springfield, home of the Hall of Fame Museum, it was time for the official press conference for the entire Class of 2022.

of Mohegan Sun Cabaret Theatre Uncasville, Connecticut, was the location of this year’s honorees. A simple yet elegant venue, with a unique theatrical aesthetic and an intimate atmosphere where the legends begin to unleash in front of the microphones. And in Manu’s case, his place in this class of 2022 was clear: he stayed until the end and was the most in-demand of the last nine. in front.

Because the Bahian was so released, at one point, he realized that he was about to quit spoiling His speech for Saturday’s induction. But beyond the humor there was room for his usual deep reflection. And there is a concept that Manu never changes.

Sports News He consulted GinΓ³bili about the distinction of this recognition along with the rest of his career’s accolades, and he didn’t hesitate for a second. “It was not an individual award that I did not take as a team. From the sixth man to the stars… Every time this happens, it’s because my team stands out and this is no different.. If I’m here just because the San Antonio Spurs won four rings, the national team won the Virtus Bologna medal you want. I am here for the virtue of my teams.

He also made it clear that this will undoubtedly be described by fire in history forever. “Yeah, in a way. Besides, it’s a Springfield museum, so there’s definitely going to be something of mine there. That’s the case with basketball in general, around the world.” I don’t think there is more success or recognition in our sport than this. Nothing more after this.

A special afternoon for everyone to experience a historic moment.

This was the press release for the 2022 Hall of Fame class.

Manu Ginobili moment

Manu arrived to applause. “It’s an unreal moment to be here. You don’t grow up in Argentina thinking that I’m going to this place. Being from Argentina, reaching the NBA was something I already thought about. I had a path that’s unusual for someone. Where I’m from.”, he said.

In addition, he highlighted the common value, how else could it be. “I came here because I played in amazing teams. I was incredibly lucky to play at the right time and fall into amazing teams.”.

Manu joked that his competitive spirit carried over into his post-playing days: “Now when I play tennis, he wants to win. When I ride a bike, I want to beat my time. It’s not healthy, I don’t recommend it to my kids.”

The Bahian took questions about his legacy and his answers made everyone laugh. “My biggest legacy will be the bat, it’s impossible to beat. They put my name on YouTube and the first thing that comes out is the bat.”. And yes, Manuel. In the year The most viral moment of the night against Sacramento in 2009.

Finally, Manu left a reflection on the Argentine basketball scene after his time and the golden generation and said, “I don’t know what to tell you. If I’m fed up or not, it’s the place to be. No, no…, it’s not even my responsibility. If people like sports, they’re there. If you like football more, there is a generation, or tennis or rugby, there is a generation that pushes, we were. Very high-rated moments, but it goes back to where it goes and it happens everywhere,” he said.

I will also add: “At some point we could have had a boom in tennis or whatever, like there (Guillermo) Villa, but it goes back to where it was. In order to change this from the bottom up, a hard work must be done from the bottom up, which will never happen in our country.

Jerry Colangelo and another meme

USA Basketball’s director of recent dominance also passed through the arena and left a few words for Manu and the Golden Generation. Since we came to power after 2004, we have won every Olympic gold medal and some World Cups. And throughout all that time, Argentina was always there for us. Manu was their head.”.

SwinCash From her college success to 15 years in the WNBA, she was second to take the stage and reflect on her long journey as she delved into the message of inclusion and beyond the game.

Dale Harris and his “mistake” with Manu.

Another legendary coach took the stage, clapped and shouted as he got to the microphone. “Don’t think last is best, eh.”. Of course, ESPN contributor and event moderator Mark Spears was quick to warn him. “Ah, Manu Ginobili will be the last.”. Then Harris corrected his course. “Okay, I’m wrong again.”began amidst laughter.

Harris, who came in as an associate, had words of remembrance for newcomer Kobe Bryant’s time as coach of the Lakers, and those years with Shaquille O’Neal.

From Teresa’s joke to Tim Hardaway’s guilt

Teresa Shank-GrentzAnother women’s basketball legend highlighted her major when she had to take the stage. “You learn a lot from failure, and you can’t expect everything to be perfect.” A fun message in between looks where he leaves several funny comments, including one about Charles Barkley, who he met a long time ago. “Still a good golf swing.”.

Tim Hardaway Holding the stage with total charm, he began by telling the story of how he came to know about the cast as he had a unique taste when he was not selected earlier. “I didn’t want to call the phone because I was so nervous, but I did, and this time they told me they had better news than before. I felt a kind of relief.” Acknowledged.

The former Miami Heat and Golden State Warriors, who are recognized for their gruesome crossovers and more, didn’t mince words when asked if there was a current player with the ability to move. “Nobody has Tim Hardaway’s passing, but there are a lot of ball-handlers. Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, Chris Paul… There are many players who will break your ankles. But no Tim Hardaway killer crossover.. A great moment that provoked laughter in a luxurious cabaret theater.

Also, Tim discovered a not-so-small detail this afternoon: Manu Ginobili had a shirt as a kid. So was his reaction.

Marianne StanleyAnother honoree spoke about her fight for equality for university basketball coaches.

Bob Huggins, NCAA legend

The following is one of the most recognized coaches in college basketball, winning more than 900 games in the tournament. your password? “Good players, good players.”started taking credit.

Lindsey Whalen, the second on the scene

The first of the two women elected by the women’s committee Thanks to Coach Mike Thibault for giving him the tools to reach the WNBA with the Connecticut Sun. “He was the one who helped me transition from university to professional.”He explained.

George Carl, the first on the stage

The legendary coach took his place first. And after acknowledging his origins, he dropped an interesting answer about which team he likes to watch at the moment. “I’ve always managed small market teams, so I’m leaning towards that. I really like Memphis today, they’re a hard-playing team and I like it.”he said.

Another list of Carl’s words was his appreciation for ABA. “I wish I had a little love.”He pointed out that he played five seasons as a player, curiously with the Spurs and three were in the ABA.

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