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Sancha: “We always listen and analyze the sports that come to us, the school sports, all the ideas that come to us.

The sport has a major protagonist in the regional delegation position at this Albacete show. A sample of the regional institution’s support for Albacete State clubs and athletes. And precisely on that stage, under the motto ‘No Limits: Record District’, the three most representative basketball teams gathered together today: Albacete Basket, CB Almansa and BSR Amiab. The press conference led by journalist Luis Castello was attended by sports vice Daniel Sancha and the captains of the three teams, Victor Ruiz, Carles Bivia and Fran Lara, as well as players and directors. Helpers.

In addition, in the period before this appointment, the President of the State Council, Santi Cabanero; Regional President Emiliano García Page and City Mayor Emilio Saez participated in the exhibition, along with Regional Vice Presidents Amparo Torres and Juanra Amores. Done.

Daniel Sancha expressed his joy at being able to talk about sports, noting how well sports are doing in this state. . In Deputação we always pay attention to sports, school sports, to listen and analyze all the ideas that come to us, because that is where the future comes from. Sport is the backbone, sport is a value, a healthy way of life. So from here we invite everyone to practice sports.

The deputy general director of sports stressed that “these three elite teams are the pride of our region.” In this regard, Sancha reminded that Albacete is the only state in LB Oro that has two teams and one in the wheelchair basketball tournament: “We are the envy of other states.”

Presentation of the trophy of the Diputación de Albacete

The Sports Colloquium served to present the Albacete State Cup next Saturday, September 17th at 7:30pm at the Park Pavilion and the match between Albacete Basket and Almanza Basketball Club. An event designed to “allow fans to enjoy this beautiful sport with two great teams.”

The Albacete Regional Council Cup is now a reality “thanks to the regional council’s sports services,” stressed Daniel Sancha. In response, the deputy head recalled the argument that the first edition of the Spanish Super Cup, which will be held in Albacete, will be broadcast on television and “serve to give visibility to the sport and the city”.

Two “gold” groups

Albacete Basket and CB Almansa are counting down the days to start the season in the LEB Oro, the second division of Spanish basketball. It will be the first campaign for Albacete’s men since promotion last season with David Varela at the helm.

On the other hand, the Almancenos always look forward to their fourth year in ‘gold’ with the same goal of ensuring their sustainability as soon as possible. And after the departure of coach Ruben Perello, one of the architects of CB Almansa’s great success in recent years, they will do so with the main novelty of Tino Uguidos on the bench.

To renew the titles of 2022

On the other hand, BSR Amiyab has had an amazing season in 2022. Champions League and League Champion. A historic double for a team that proudly carries the name Albacete wherever it goes. This campaign comes with new features, including the return of Abraham Carrion to the bench, but with the same objectives: to fight all the titles in the crisis.

In this year’s season, those who have and receive the support of the Albacete Provincial Council and are the first actors of the sporting activity of the Fermeadou district institution, will get a small list from the deputy. Tomorrow it will be the gymnastics turn with Jesus Carballo and Noemi Romero. Football, cycling, chess and athletics come later.

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