Basketball – Chris Duarte – the smell of the NBA for the national team

Christopher Thiorette Duarte, a player for the Indiana Pacers in NBA basketball, is on his shoulder. The responsibility of returning the state of the NBA For the national basketball team and of course he will be the first player in the NBA list after Francisco Garcia In the year He was a member of the Houston Rockets in 2014 While participating in the Basketball World Cup in Spain.

Duarte will represent the tricolor team against Panama and Venezuela in the next qualifying window for the Basketball World Cup on August 25 and 29.

Expectations are very high regarding the first engagement with the 10 letters of the Dominican Republic on the chest; The popularity among fans is through the roof and In his first season in the NBA, his playmaking ability showed; Compared to the opponents he will face in the next window, including rivals Panama and Venezuela, he could be considered the best player in this round.

I know that everyone knows that I am in the NBA But I don’t let this affect me, I know my potential on the court, but I don’t let it affect my head negatively, I intend to continue to represent my country and my family whenever I can,” Duarte told the matter. First performance with the Dominican team.

Duarte, who did not meet his national team teammates on the field, said he was happy and nervous at the time, and that he was willing to learn from them.Oder to help in every way I can.

In the same way, he knows that adapting to the FIBA ​​system will be a big challenge, but he believes that his teammates and the leadership of the team will help him to do it successfully.

Horford and the cities

When asked if he has a relationship with NBA stars Al Hofford and Carl Towns; Regarding the next window with the Dominican Republic, Duarte does not consider himself the right person to deal with the issue, understanding that both are long-term players in the league and have high responsibilities in their respective teams.

He also thanked each of them for their kind treatment and all the good and correct advice they gave me. In the final season of the league.

On Rick Carlyle and the Packers

The Puerto Plata native gave manager Rick Carlyle a lot of credit for his excellent performance with the Packers last season, and said they have a great relationship both on and off the court.

“Carlisle is in The best team of strategists in the league right now, “It’s a privilege to play for him and I’m very grateful for the chemistry that’s been created and all the lessons he’s learned as a player and as a person,” Duarte added.

In the year The manager himself, who won an NBA championship as a player for the Celtics in 1986 and as manager of the Dallas Mavericks in 2011, spoke during the campaign about what Duarte represented to the longtime franchise and congratulated him on his journey. Adapted to the style of play in the league.

The Dominican currently has the Packers organization working directly with him, thus becoming a leader in the team and the city, especially growing. As a person in various cases from the court.

“Being in the NBA means a lot and I thank God the Packers are giving me the opportunity to learn more to become a better person every day and let me know my commitment to the city of Indiana,” he concluded.

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