Barceloneta already renovated after swimming pool damaged by Hurricane Maria – Metro Puerto Rico

The swimming pools of the Juan Antonio Pagan municipality in Barceloneta were renovated with part of the federal funds provided by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FAMA).

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has reached more than $550,000 for repairs to the municipal swimming pool, artisan booth and city walk.

The reconstruction work carried out in the pool included removing the wooden lines, fixing the windows and replacing the lights. In addition, the pool pump, filter system and chemical product distribution system were replaced. At the same time, metal panels were replaced on the roof of the stadium. Similarly, the place has been renovated by painting all the areas.

For the Barceloneta Beach Municipality, the agency awarded the bridge for 42 permanent construction projects just over $26.3 million. Of these, 17 projects are for parks and recreation, totaling approximately $6.4 million.

In the afternoon, the Los Macos swim team will practice their favorite sport in the renovated municipal swimming pool. They are among the first aquariums renovated by the municipality to enjoy not only the residents of Barceloneta, but also visitors from nearby towns.

Vanessa García, a Puerto Rican Olympic athlete, has represented Puerto Rico in the swimming discipline on several occasions. Garcia is the coach of Los Macos and emphasized the importance of having these sports facilities available to all citizens.

“Swimming lessons are offered here for children aged five and above. It is very important for their health; And having really nice, well-maintained facilities helps parents bring their kids and drop them off where they feel they’re safe, the coach said.

In addition, García explained that other citizens use the pool to swim or practice other disciplines or to do their physical therapy in the water.

Jorge L. Peña Rivera, a resident of Arecibo, is an example of citizens using the facility for various purposes. Pena Rivera confirmed that he uses the pool two to three times a week.

Wanda Soler Rosario, Mayor of Barceloneta, added, “Thanks to the help FEMA gave us, we were able to keep our swimming pool in good shape.” Approximately 100 people to take advantage of the swimming pools we offer at no cost.

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