Artistic Swimming: The Chilean team traveled to the Junior World Cup in Quebec

Chile’s artistic swimming team, which will face its fourth World Cup in four years with one team, faces a new challenge. They are a finalist in the Samurai Youth Showcase and a bronze medal winning team at the World Series in Paris.

National actors now find themselves before the competition as new practices and challenges A mix composed of Teodora Garrido and Nicolas Campos, who made history as the first Chileans in this modality at the international level.

The dutu is conducted by the sisters. Soledad and Trinidad García, an individual approach is carried by Antonia Mella.

The full team is Rocio Vargas, Valentina Valdivia, Josefa Morales, Barbara Coppelli and Macarena Lagos.

“As the board of directors of the Chilean Aquatics Federation, we are very happy with the results of artistic swimming. They are doing a great job and we hope that they will continue in this way. I highlight the efforts that are being made. Irina Rodríguez (Olympic medalist) who helps us in the technical department, is a great contribution and encouragement in front of Quebec. Rodrigo Diaz, the Federation’s artistic director, explained.

The National Artistic Swimming Team is one of the best breeders in our continent and is internationally recognized for its ranking. In the year The process began in 2017 under the leadership of Marcia Leite, with the advice of sports legend Irina Rodriguez, who will support the directors from August 23 to 27 in Quebec.

More than the major world champions

The world's top swimmer has been fined for using marijuana. "Weak time"

Chile has two top ten finishes in the Junior Artistic Swimming World Cup.

A Canadian swimmer has condemned drugging at the World Championships in Budapest.

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