Around 10,000 spectators enjoyed the Junior Swimming World Cup.

During the six days of the Junior Swimming World Cup in Lima 2022, all families, children and adults gathered in the sports city in the district of San Luis, to witness the best version of more than 500 young talents from 83 countries. They competed at the Legacy Aquatic Center, proudly guarding their national flag.

His songs, emotional tears and dances were full of highlights on the Olympic stage, where around 10,000 spectators were able to participate in the sports festival. They had a special experience by enjoying the most important international competition of the year organized in our country.

“Legado is the home of sports and at this time Lima became the main international center. The best juniors on the planet were here, with the Romanian star David Popovic. We showed that Peru has everything and can do it all. Federico Tong, the general director of Legado, said that five months ago We are responsible for organizing the competition and work in coordination with the Peruvian National Federation.

Different customs were mixed with the feeling that only sport can unite the world and the emotions that invaded every corner of the Videna Legacy headquarters.


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