Arcioni visited sports clubs in Commodore

The governor of Chubut, Mariano Arcioni, highlighted the province’s investment and commitment to sports facilities in the region. Sponsored projects and series of meetings of Comodoro Rivadavia clubs and visits to Federación Deportiva YPF and George Newberry clubs; Commission on Child Activities (CAI) and Petrochemical.

“We are accompanying institutions that are making great efforts to achieve a better state of infrastructure. In fact, the province has invested heavily in sports and is supporting several institutional projects by investing more than six hundred million pesos,” said the head of government during a visit to sports federation facilities at Kilometer 3.

“We are together with different institutions such as Newbery, USMA, Huracán, Federación, Gimnasia y Esgrima; Petrochemical, Prospero Palazzo, many with the idea of ​​supporting the work of leaders from rugby and hockey. Seeing the effort and time given by parents and families who sometimes struggle to meet expenses; sports It is the right and priority government policy,” the governor pointed out.

YPF Sports Federation

The state president visited the facilities of the YPF Sports Federation club, which competes in the men’s and women’s branches of the prefederation and federal leagues. “The governor’s visit is important to our club and to be part of the policy of helping institutions. According to the current president, Maria Magdalena Kativa, the “Fedeu” is historic and dedicated not only to the capture of the men, but also to general training.

The first phase of the expansion of the multipurpose hall has been surveyed and the second phase will allow the project to continue. Opportunities to expand the institutions were also explored. “We have four hundred boys and we are not enough with just one field. That’s why we want to expand the training field that we manage with the owner of the land, YPF, in the future,” Kativa explained, linking the development of sports with a significant improvement in terms of the level of institutions.

Court for CAI

On the other hand, Governor Mariano Arcioni visited the leaders of the Children’s Activities Commission, which is expected to have its own facility in a major sports project involving several city clubs. Carlos Peralta, director of the institute, said: “It is a historic moment that we are able to design our own court.

“We will find a very important sport for those who have been walking in sports for many years. There is a completely different development. It will be part of a mega plan that includes the CAI Automobile Club, the Santa Lucia Club and the Gimnasia y Esgrima complex in an industrial neighborhood, among other things, a car museum. A hockey pitch; “The paddle and tennis complex, and the official CAI artificial turf field with a shared use plan between institutions. The provincial government will provide us with the artificial turf mat and we are very happy,” Peralta said.

Educational project

At the George Newbury Club, the governor learned about progress on the construction of the first elementary school, which will be operational in the 2023 school year.

It will be the first in the field to be accompanied by institutional support and regional government in the Patagonia region. “We want to collaborate with families. They don’t just come to the garden to play, but values, customs and different expressions begin to be embedded. We think that sport can help and cooperate in this process,” explained Christian Vera, Head of the Future George Newbury Club Primary School.

For students aged 3 to 5 years, there are four classes with two shifts and eight classes. Eight teachers will work and the initial registration may include about two hundred subscribers. The option of using the internal spaces of the building structure as a game room is available on the third of four levels; SUM, covered gym, kitchen and future swimming pool.

Together with the president of Newbury, Pablo Barrientos, the governor visited the works promoted by the government of Chubut, among them the expansion of the famous cement tower and the installation of a unique modern lighting system in the city, which is expected to be activated in the next classic reason in the city.

Enclosures and new spare parts

Lucas Camilli, the leader of the Petrochemical Club, expressed his happiness at the meeting with the regional president, who among other things, forwarded the complete fencing of the property, the renovation of the locker rooms and the institutional project. Creating a functional gym in the football industry.

“In principle, the enclosure will include four hundred linear meters which will allow us to fully complete the club property. “Because of our demand, it’s important to move forward with fixing the locker rooms that are so damaged and have constant drains and service breaks,” he said. .

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