Aldosiv partners can return to Minella before Newell.

The team allowed their partners to return at 2:00 pm on Wednesday after two games played behind closed doors.

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After the two games Aldosiv played without an audience. The Agency for the Prevention of Violence in Sports (APRIVID) has been approved for the next match at the José María Minella Stadium due to the serious incidents of the burning of five cars in the area and the sports ground. Returning to the field of partners and partners of the actors of Mar del Plata.

The next professional league game will be where Aldosiv will play at home. Wednesday when they welcome Newell’s Old Boys from the age of 14 In the framework of Rosario Day 19 in Jose Maria Minella. for that meeting Apvide allowed the people to returneven if For partners only Updated club with quota.

As usual, the fans are diverted. in the southern sector World Cup Stadium in Mar del Plata.

As reported by Aldociv, members who wish to purchase their tickets must attend Sports fieldOr located at 1800 East Avenida de los Trabajadores. Saturday, Monday or Tuesday from 10 to 18; When participating in local partners Shark shop2967 located in Olavaria, this Saturday to 6 pm and Monday and Tuesday from 10 am to 8 pm. In addition, on the day of the game on Wednesday, There will be no attention to partners.

Aldosiv Minella Newell leads the professional league.

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It will be remembered that the next two matches of the Aprivid team were decided after the serious accident that happened at the Mar del Plata team’s sports complex in Punta Mogotes after five players and coaches’ cars were set on fire. Plays Behind Closed Doors by Leandro Somoza. Those matches were against Velez, in a match full of highlights Shark He got the necessary win 3-2 and last Saturday’s 2-1 defeat at Sarmiento de Junin.

After the win against Independiente last Thursday, Aldocivi continues in the zone Direct descent 26th place with 99 points, just above PatronageHe narrowed the gap with a win in the key game against Platens this Friday. Only 2 points. It is outside the flow zone. Central Córdoba, Arsenal, Sarmiento and PlateausThese last two averages are divided by less than one season.

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