According to Harvard, sports that burn more calories

Long cardio sessions, strength training, high intensity intervals… what’s better for weight loss?

It’s a question that’s been asked since Harvard University and that’s what it’s focused on. New studio.

How to exercise to improve your mood regardless of your fitness level

What exercises burn the most calories? According to the researchers, these are the top 5 sports on the list.


It has been described as swimming for many years The most complete sportAnd in the words of Marco Antonio Mendez Lopez, Coach High performance, specialized in swimming, triathlon and open water crossings, yes.

As explained for VitanikThere is a lot of evidence to prove it and among other benefits during swimming:

  • You can’t stop. Move every part of your body When you swim.
  • He asks Coordination To breathe, beat and beat.
  • of Joints do not receive effects, It can hurt them in the short, medium or long term.
  • It is a possible activity. Support damage recovery due to other organs.

Strength training

Strength training

of Strength training It has ranked as one of the most complete exercises for losing weight and increasing muscle mass in recent years.

It is useful for people of any age. It prevents injuries and improves the quality of life.

in addition Increase muscle mass and increase basal metabolismThey explain in aerobic exercise failure Revolutionary fitness.



of box It’s a very fashionable sport for self-care, not necessarily for competition. Since the whole body works on a global scale, many international models upload their boxing routines to social networks.

Also, being a Interval training, More calories are burned in less time. According to this Harvard study, although boxing is a form of cardio, it not only improves strength but also improves strength Develop efficiency.

Racket sports


If you are one of those who stay with your colleagues at the end of the work day or if you have a group WhatsApp With invited friends. Rowing Or similar, you’re lucky because Harvard includes it The best exercises for weight loss.

The mode does not matter. Be youTennis, paddle tennis, squash or ping-pongAmong others, they are “the go-to exercise for many adults,” says Vijay A. Daryanani, a physical therapist and personal trainer at Harvard-affiliated Spalding.

walking and running

Running woman

If you walk fast (at least 6.4 km per hour) traveled for half an hour 5 days a week 16 km in a week.

After 3 weeks, this weight will be reduced to half a kilogram. It may not seem like much to you, but it’s a progressive loss that occurs even when the number of calories you consume remains the same. It is the collected information. Paper from Harvard University.

The loss is greater when running because you can burn more calories in less time.

Another benefit is for walking or running. It does not need any material to practice it And it adapts to practically any environment, making it the first choice for many people who have little time.

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