37 professionals graduated from the sports university in Kogedes

37 new professionals graduated in physical activity and health, sports training and sports technology management University of Southern Sports (UDS)It is located in San Carlos, the capital of the state of Cojedes.

The graduation ceremony of the XIII face-to-face and VIII distance study groups took place in the UDS “Francisco Morochito Rodríguez” hall, and the first degree certificate and the seventh degree were awarded in an agreement with the Polytechnic University. Region Andres Eloy Blanco (Uptab). Both Boards of Studies have approved the professional licensing of sports coaches.

Religious functions begin this festival with a thanksgiving mass.

The Master’s class was later chosen by the graduates, Professor Rosa Alexandra Moreno.

The agenda also includes the signing of minutes, presentation of medals and conferment of titles by UDS officials.

New professionals in sports

“We are happy to graduate from this promotion of sports graduates, at the same time we have the first confirmation of a great professor and house founder like Orlando Acevedo,” said the director of the university, Ginny Suarez.

Suarez thanked the team of people who work at his alma mater on a daily basis.

“We have to thank the entire faculty, all our staff, management and staff team because thanks to them, the university has remained a beautiful and exemplary university for the whole world.”

One of the international graduates of this promotion, Moussa Adama Coulibaly, talks about how his trip to Venezuela was.

« I came here to study at the Universidad Deportiva del Sur for 5 years and I have very good experiences in this house. They have given me food, housing and I am healthy enough to continue training hard to take advantage of the opportunities they have given me in professional leagues in playing sports and various sports.

Alumni The university has joined more than 12,000 graduates since its inception.

This university was founded in On February 9, 2006, the current president of Venezuela, Hugo Rafael Chavez Freyas, celebrated the first batch of graduates on July 22, 2010.

UDS continues to be present in the country’s amateur and professional sports institutions as deputy ministers and sports directors from America, Europe and Africa have been trained at this institution.

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